The Nimble Films Process is designed to deliver remarkable, authentic and visually interesting films that work for you.The Nimble Films Process.Central to the Nimble Films process is great communication, making sure we are all working to achieve the same clearly defined and agreed results. It is essential that we use yours and our time effectively and the filmmaking experience is enjoyable and rewarding.

Each production brings with it fresh and exciting challenges and opportunities for us. Our process, which has evolved from long and deep experience, allows us to work efficiently to clearly defined outcomes while opening up opportunities to be curious and use our imagination and creativity.


We talk you through our process so you know exactly what is going to happen and what we expect of you and what you should expect of us.


The strategy process is about documenting the result you want and working out what we need to do to achieve it.

We have a seven-stage process that we work through to give us the road map to the desired outcome and ensure we align with the same goals.

Central to this strategy is understand who your target audience is, how we are going to find them, what action you want them to take and what we need to say to encourage them to take that action.


Planning is in two stages. The first, how we are going to put our strategy into place. The second, Production Planning.

Production Planning.

We use a system that involves the four “P’s”:

  • People: who are we going to film and what are they going to say. We generally prefer interviews, they are more authentic, however sometimes scripts are a better way to go.
  • Purpose: what is the purpose of the film, the message we are going to convey.
  • Plot: how are we going to construct the film. How are we going to hook the viewer in to watch the whole film?
  • Place: Where are we filming, what people are wearing, and the look and feel of the film need to be congruent, or at one, with the message.


Production is when we swing into action with lights, camera and microphones and capture all the material, just as we planned in the Production Planning stage.


Post, as we call it, is the editing process when the magic happens! Post is where we tell the story with the film, sound and graphics, always working closely to our plan. We produce all the different films and versions that we agreed at the Strategy stage in the correct formats.

Rough Cuts – a film term for Proofs.

We will send you a link to view and comment on a Rough Cut of each film. Commenting on the Rough Cuts is done through a collaborative process online.

We make the corrections as agreed. You then have the opportunity to view and comment on the second round of Rough Cuts. We make any final tweaks and show you the Final Cut of each of your films.

Final Deliver, Distribution and Metrics

The films are downloaded and posted to whatever channels of digital marketing agreed in the original strategy. Results are measured and assessed.

Feedback and review.

It is essential that our systems, processes and films generate the results we planned. We will ask for your feedback and, if you feel comfortable, a review or testimonial.