Ultra White Smiles - Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

The Brief.

We were commissioned by a Melbourne based cosmetic teeth whitening business, Ultra White Smiles, to produce a film for Instagram showing the teeth whitening experience.

Working together with their social media agency, we recommended that it show as little as practical of the technical process itself. We would major on the fun of having your teeth whitened as a group.

The agency set up a contra deal with Brazon Modeling Agency in Brighton, and we filmed the session.

The final Instagram film was shortened by a few seconds and produced in a square format to suit the Instagram platform. It achieved over three thousand views in the first twenty-four hours.

This version of the film was loaded up on YouTube. We worked on the Search Engine Optimisation for the film and achieved a ranking of third for the keyword “Teeth whitening Melbourne” within two weeks.

The Production.

With this production we shot and directed the professional talent and the business owners and shot a series of fast moving images. These where set to a fun  bouncy piece of music to move the film along. The words that are spoken in the film are deliberately few to emphasise them when they occur.

Client:           Ultra White Smiles – Cosmetic Teeth Whitening
Producer:     Peter Crawley-Boevey
Service:        Intragram Content
Year:              2020

Ultra White Smiles is one of Melbourne’s many Cosmetic teeth-whitening businesses. Although their process is one of the best of the non-dentist practitioners, they still work in a very competitive market.

At Nimble Films, we like to tell the story from the customer’s angle rather than the salesperson’s. Like many medical type procedures, Dentistry is not something that customers want to see; they are just looking for the result or outcome, not the process. Hence the emphasis on the fun of having your teeth whitened as a group, which happens to be much better business for Ultra White Smiles.