Mornington Peninsula Shire Street Art.

The Brief.

The Monington Peninsula Shire commissioned several Street Art Murals. We were engaged in telling the background story of some of them in an engaging and educational way. The films were used to publicise the murals on social media and the Shire website. Beside each mural, a QR Code takes people to the film about that particular mural on the website, giving people the opportunity to see and hear the backstory while standing in front of the Artwork itself.

The mural that the film above is about can be found in Mornington Main Street next to the ANZ bank.

The Production.

We shot these films over days and weeks as the artworks were being painted. We then interviewed the artist and other people who had a key role in the content of the mural.

Rosebud – Library Bus Shelter

Rosebud - Ninth Avenue.

Somerville - Playground

Mornington - Coles Car Park

Client:          Mornington Peninsula Shire Arts and Culture Team
Producer:     Peter Crawley-Boevey
Service:        Storytelling
Year:              2022

The Mornington Peninsula is home to a growing creative community. From the diverse arts and cultural practices of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to contemporary music, visual and performing arts, festivals, maker markets and more.

Our creative and cultural sector provides unique opportunities for celebrating our spectacular natural environment and appreciating our shared and different identities, histories, insights and ideas. As such, it represents a significant asset for locals and visitors alike.