Connect with your audience with authentic films that articulate a clear message, and bring personality, purpose, and stories to your brand.


Short films that boost your authority, positions you as the expert and demonstrates your capacity to deliver.


Convert leads to customers by using films to articulating the value of your offer, and giving people a reason to care and buy from you.

Turn warm leads into your customers.

Film have become one of the the cornerstones of digital marketing. Without them, your online communication is silent and lifeless. Film brings personality, purpose, and stories so people can engage with your brand and care about you. A connection that gives people a reason to buy from you. Films that connect on an emotional level will double your conversion rate.

Meeting you for the first time.

With Nimble films, you will immediately build a connection with the viewer and start to gain their trust. They may be meeting your business for the first time, or they will see you in a new light; they will hear your stories, what you do and why.

Our films help them to care about you. They will see your business in action and understand its potential impact on their lives.

Fling open your windows!

Using films in digital marketing is like flinging open your windows to the outside world, inviting people to come and see how remarkable you are and that you have the capacity and expertise to deliver.

Nimble films reflect, your culture, what makes you remarkable, and gives viewers a taste of the great experience they will have buying from you.

Getting a Return on your Investment from Video Production?

To ensure you get a good return on your investment we produce your films to be relevant for two, three, four years or what we call “Evergreen”. They work well as social media content; however, we plan for them to have a significant and prolonged impact throughout your digital marketing and sales funnel, wherever they can help you connect, build trust and sell.

Strategy and Planning.

The success of our films stems from our Intention – we start with the end in mind, and make every decision with purpose and consideration. Strategy and planning, that we work on together right at the start, is the foundation of this Intention. We need to know and understanding your target audience, what we need to say to build their trust, and critically, how we will reach them once your films is finished. Finally, how are we going to measure the success of your films?

Creativity needs constraints

Strategy and planning give us constraints; but constraints inspire better thinking and help us create remarkable films.

They may be short, but Nimble films
have energy, passion, authenticity
and look and sound beautiful.

How long should your films be?

Most digital marketing films should be short and to the point. Your initial point of contact films should be under 60 seconds. The general rule is – the earlier the film appears in your sales funnel, the shorter the film. The hotter the lead – the more time they will invest with you.

We often produce two or three edits of the same material at different lengths to suit the platform people will view it on or for various parts of your sales funnel.

Three secrets to make power-packed short films?

  • Planning and preparation.
  • Keep your message razer sharp and aimed precisely at your target audience. If you have more to say, make more films.
  • Make films that have energy, passion, authenticity and look and sound beautiful. These production values are critical.